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Understanding and having respect for nature and the world around us is an important concept to incorporate at a young age.  Taking nature walks, using natural items in nature and exploring outside are all ways in which Bright Eyes kids foster their connection and love for nature.


(including predicting & hands-on exploring)

Science and sensory activities are woven into daily lesson plans in an exciting way. For example, in our art room, there is a sensory table in which we rotate sensory materials periodically.  Cause and effect concepts and the fun of predicting “what comes next” are emphasized.

Healthy Living Techniques

(including physical activity & healthy food choices)

Physical activity is included in daily lesson plans and often takes place in our Music/Movement Room or outside.  Physical activities include games such as Duck, Duck, Goose, Musical Chairs, Relay Races, Parachute games and much more.  In addition, we have a private walking trail behind Bright Eyes which the children access several times a week (weather permitting).

Healthy food choices are encouraged daily through homemade meals with appropriate portions being served.  Snacks are carefully chosen, eliminating or at least limiting the amount of corn syrup, food dyes and food additives is a priority.  In addition, we often incorporate a healthy food activity.  For instance, the children may taste test and explore an unusual fruit or vegetable and also see how it may be used in new/unexpected ways.

Bright Eyes Daycare Sioux Falls - Infant through Pre-k

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Bright Eyes Daycare Sioux Falls - Infant through Pre-k

In addition, our teachers foster children’s creativity, curiosity, confidence, independence, initiative and persistence as they solve problems and engage in a variety of learning experiences including, but not limited to:

Art & Art Appreciation

In our separate art room, children explore various mediums including paint, drawing, sculpture, and more.  Children are introduced to multiple early development concepts through art such as handwriting, numbers, letters, emotions, and much more.  In addition, teachers review types of art and artists.  The children are encouraged to replicate different styles to gain further appreciation and understanding of art.

Music & Music Appreciation
Music is often heard playing throughout the preschool rooms.  Specific songs and genres of music are reviewed with the children.  Music is heavily featured in our Music/Movement room during physical activity.

Pretend Play
Free play is crucial to early childhood development, which is why pretend/dramatic play is part of weekly lesson plans.  This type of play is facilitated by the teachers who provide a framework for the play, but the children have the freedom to create their own “world.”

Bright Eyes Curriculum

Bright Eyes Daycare offers engaging activities for all age groups.  Even the infants get to participate in art projects.  We are all about encouraging the kids to be passionate about learning through creative methods.  Art and music are highly incorporated as well as reading, science, math, dramatic play, manipulatives and much more!  All activities are geared toward developing the child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs


Bright Eyes Daycare's Preschool / Pre-K diverse curriculum is teacher framed and based on the children’s interests.  Our teachers are facilitators of learning and encourage the children to be active and creative explorers.  They help guide the children to become independent, self-confident, enthusiastic, inquisitive learners.  Children learn at their own pace through hands-on experiences, active thinking and experimenting.

Bright Eyes Daycare Sioux Falls - Infant through Pre-k
Bright Eyes Daycare Sioux Falls - Infant through Pre-k

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional literacy is as important as learning the ABC’s.  Teaching children early in social-emotional skills helps them with aggression and anxiety while also becoming better social problem solvers.  Learning these skills makes for more peaceful educational environment  but the benefits carry far beyond preschool.

Whether it’s during a transition time, circle time, small group, art or music, books are part of the lessons.  Developing comprehension and appreciation of the written word is crucial at a very early age.

At every age in our Preschool program, writing is incorporated.  As the children grow closer to kindergarten, a greater focus is placed on handwriting.  Children start out by trying to write their first name, then advance to first and last name as well as a handful of basic words.

Story Telling
Books are an essential component of the Bright Eyes Preschool curriculum.  Not only do the teachers read multiple books throughout the day, but the children have the opportunity to create their own stories and illustrations.  Some of these stories/books are then incorporated into the Bright Eyes library

Real-time reports of activities and progress are provided to parents via a mobile app or at the end of the day via email.  Annual parent conferences are made available for all ages and are especially recommended for our preschool & pre-k ages.  In addition, parents are encouraged to speak with their child’s lead teacher as well as the Program Planners or Owners about any questions or concerns they may have throughout the year

Bright Eyes Daycare Sioux Falls - Infant through Pre-k
Bright Eyes Daycare Sioux Falls - Infant through Pre-k