ADDRESS:   7101 S. Minnesota Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57108

CALL:   605-275-2232



Child Care in Sioux Falls

Bright Eyes Preschool & Pre-K diverse curriculum is teacher framed and based on the children’s interests.  Our teachers are facilitators of learning and encourage the children to be active and creative explorers.  They help guide the children to become ...

Bright Eyes Daycare & Early Learning Center is located near 77th & Minnesota Ave, in the private Garden Village Association development and is just a few blocks east of Journey Elementary.  Just look for "Billie".

Bright Eyes has been providing exceptional quality child care and preschool in Sioux Falls, including pre-k, since 2013 ...


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Bright Eyes Daycare provides a well balanced nutritious meal and snack plan that encourages healthy eating at a young age.  WE HAVEN'T SERVED A HOT DOG (any shape or form) SINCE OPENING! Meals are prepared onsite.  When we ...